Monday, August 11, 2008

Rebecca Adlington beats Katie Hoff in women's 400m Freestyle

Rebecca Adlington of Great Britain clinched her gold medal in the women's 400m Freestyle event with a time of 4:03.22, beating the "Female Phelps," Katie Hoff (4:03.29) of the United States, who came in second. Joanne Jackson, also from Great Britain, won the bronze with a time of 4:03.52.

(Photo credit: Xinhua)

Laure Manaudou of France took a clear lead in the first 100 meters, but was caught and overtaken by Hoff, who remained in the top position until right before the end, when Adlington suddenly overtook her in the last meter to touch the wall first.

"I gave it everything I had possibly, but they got me in the end," said 19-year-old Hoff.

Reigning world and Olympic champion Federica Pellegrini of Italy finished fifth with a time of 4:04.56. "I just couldn't get myself into shape. We Italians haven't got used to competition in the morning," said the World Record holder.

(Photo credit: Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

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