Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wowzio Blog Widgets look pretty impressive!

Wowzio, a widgets platform that targets blogs and publishers, offers free customizable widgets that help blog readers easily navigate blogs. These widgets bubble up rich media content that includes text and images, which spices up a blog's content discovery process.

Wowzio widgets are based on open standards (javascript & css) as their creators claim, and supports all blogging platforms that allow javascript to be embedded. The creators of Wowzio also claim that "the architecture is designed for high performance and scale, from the ground up". Since they just launched their widgets in June this year, we will have to wait and watch if it is really going to perform well over time.

I've just added the Wowzio widget on my blog as I found the live traffic activity widget pretty impressive! It contains a post's title text along with an image that looks really nice and is completely customizable.

Wowzio offers 4 types of widgets seen in the pictures below:

Panoramic Slideshow Widget

Live Activity Widget

Feed Content Widget

Slideshow Widget

Click here if you want to add these widgets to your blog, no signup required!

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