Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lovely Leena Jang falls into San Saeb canal

Bangkok Post reports that Leena Jangjanja, a candidate running for Bangkok Governor as candidate No. 7, fell into Khlong Saen Saeb (Thai: คลองแสนแสบ) canal while she was campaigning for Bangkok's top job this afternoon.

Leena Jung
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With only two weeks for the election, Leena, dressed in pink, was campaigning at the pier by the boat looking for supporters residing alongside the canal, when she accidentally fell into the canal's dirty waters. Luckily Leena's colorful team of shirtless men jumped into the canal to rescue her, and she was reportedly uninjured, but got drenched waist down.

Leena Jang

Leena, a 49-year-old businesswoman, lawyer, and a mother of two, is known for making eye-catching, noisy entrances at her rivals' campaign venues. She also owns a business which produces, sells and franchises beauty products. Visit Leena Jang's beauty products website Hi-So (LEENA) to see for yourself.

Some of the beauty products you will find at her website are:
- Pink Nipple Nourishing Cream
- Big + Up Breast Cream for Growth and Firming
- Lift-Up Whitening Cream
- Whitening Milk Shower Spa Cream
- Whitening Armpit Cream
- Eye Primer Gel
- Stretch Mark Remover
- Acne & Blemish Whitening Cream

With this incident, Leena has accidentally discovered another problem Bangkok is facing - Bangkok canal boat rides aren't safe, and it is common for people falling into the canal. Is Chuwit listening???

Khlong Saen Saeb Canal

I have been in Thailand for more than 25 years and I can manage to roughly count the number of times I have taken one of these canal boat rides. Since Apirak is going to win no doubt, it would be nice if Apirak could make these Saen Sab canal boat rides safer, as it is the quickest way to beat Bangkok's traffic blues on routes not covered by the existing sky-train / MRT.


Sunny said...

The Nation reports today that an election campaign staff of Leena Jang, named Theerasak Sitanon drowned this morning while demonstrating how to bathe in Khlong Sam Wa canal as part of Leena's election campaign.

He was swept away and drowned while demonstrating the bathing ritual at Khlong Samwa (Thai: คลองสามวา) district's canal.

I just mentioned about Bangkok's unsafe canals yesterday and today one of her staff drowns.

Poor Leena Jang. She will have to try and break the jinx in the next Bangkok Governor elections of 2012.

Premika said...

This tragic incident has become a world news after making it to the Reuters Oddly Enough news titled "Man drowns in election publicity stunt".

Leena said she had suspended her campaign for the October 5 elections to help arrange a funeral for Thirasak and look after his wife, who is 7 months pregnant. "If I were to continue to campaign after his death, I would be no better than an animal," she said.

Anonymous said...

She knew she was going to lose the governership so she used his death as an excuse to discontinue her candidacy? She is worse than animal!