Monday, September 15, 2008

Stephanie Rice in Thailand

LiveNews reports that swim princess Stephanie Rice is on a week-long holiday in Thailand to cool off.

Stephanie Rice - Brendan Capell
(Photo credit: Getty)

Taking a well deserved break, Stephanie Rice headed to Thailand following her Davenport promotional duties and brief illness.

The Aussie golden girl has found romance with her long-time training partner, Brendan Capell. Dubbed a "mystery man", Capell is a long-time pal of Stephanie Rice who was in the "friend zone" throughout her three-year relationship with Eamon Sullivan. Capell is believed to have become the new man in Rice's life.

When asked about the new relationship by the media, she said "I really don't want to talk about any of it," she said. "I'm on holidays and really want to take a break from all the media at the moment."

Rice's relationship status has been the subject of several rumors since she split with Eamon Sullivan in the lead-up to Beijing. The medley specialist was then linked to American superstar Michael Phelps, with reports claiming the pair sneaked away from a Games Village party for a steamy kissing session. While Rice denied the claims, she did confess on Australian television that she thinks the Baltimore Bullet has a "hot body".

Her exact whereabouts in Thailand are unknown at the moment, but she could be in any one of the popular Thai islands.

Update 15 October 2008: Stephanie Rice photographed partying in Thailand, click here to see the photos.

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