Sunday, March 07, 2010

Male Twin Elephants born in Surin, World's first!

The world's first male elephant twins were born in Surin's Tha Lad area yesterday.

After 21 months of gestation, 35-year-old Phang Thong Khun delivered the first baby elephant at 1.09 am and his brother at 3.09 am amid a cheering crowd, mahout Prapai Mokhom said.
The twins have yet to be given names, he said.

The sire was a clever bull named Plai Pus Deen.

A veterinarian at Surin Elephant Hospital said the twins were strong and each weighed 70-80 kilograms. The owner should give the mother more nutritious food so it could produce more milk for the twins, he said.

This is the second set of elephant twins for Thailand, after females named Phang Jum and Phang Jim were bred 15 years ago.

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